Christmas Tree Varieties
We have hundreds of Christmas trees to choose from with varieties such as: 

Virginia Pine:  This tree has strong branches for large ornaments.  Foliage consists of soft needles and it has a wonderful pine scent.

Leyland Cypress:  Our most popular tree.  A hybrid, grown from a cutting rather than a seed.  It has a full soft texture with a lacy appearance.  This tree has only a light scent, which makes it  perfect for someone with allergies.  
Notabilis:  A rare new species that looks somewhat like the Leyland cypress but has a darker blue-green color, stronger limbs and a more open appearance.  It also has a good house life like the Leyland cypress.  It seems to grow just a little faster than the Leyland cypress. 
Blue Ice:  A beautiful cultivar of the Arizona cypress with a natural, vivid blue color, and a strong but pleasant fragrance.  
Carolina Sapphire:  This tree has a blue-green color, dense foliage, and has the aroma of lemon and mint.
North Carolina Fraser Fir:  It's deep green color, fresh cut fragrance, and superb needle retention makes it American premium Christmas tree.  We receive them 36 hours after they are cut from the northwest corner of North Carolina.  These are fresh cut quality number 1 Fraser Firs available at our farm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 
Precious Memories Christmas Tree Farm, LLC